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A damn cool (albeit extreme) way to show dedication  and love to your work:   As you might have guessed, she’s a research scientist. (Source: http://mag.rankmytattoos.com/ink-meets-inc-20-tattooed-executive-and-white-collar-professionals.html) Torso tattoos are hot!  Though I’ve heard that it’s the most painful location to get inked on. (Source: Same as above link) I bet teens loved to have this kind [...]

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Loving Thyself

I have been playing around with this little thought experiment for quite sometime now. How would it be like to fall in love physically with yourself?  It’s a good thing in many ways isn’t it? You would care less about what others think about you, and you would be more able to bounce back fast when [...]

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So now comes the ultimate question, to be the sheep or the renegade? In a perfect world, everyone would be happy and contented to be interdependent. They would all share similar views and even if there were slight differences, it would easily be resolved. Everyone would be in harmony, fraught of all insecurities on whether [...]

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