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Tonight I shall talk about grunge and well, my musical journey in general. This may be boring for those who are not into music so be warned. I think I’m a grunge/early 90s person at heart. The Seattle sound rules. Somehow the sound, lyrics, and the whole attitude of the genre speaks to me. Stripped [...]

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Today, I am going to talk about onions. I love onions. Onions taste good. They spice up any dish. Without onions, many dishes would be boring. Onions provide that extra ‘kick’. Onions are BEST when they’re made into onion rings. I never get sick of onion rings. In fact, onion rings are better than fries. [...]

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When I was in year 1 (2 years ago), I was quite the brooding emo kid (sans the cutting). No, I didn’t have to wear predominantly black clothes and have rebonded hair that covers half my face. I just was. Or at least, I felt that the general attitude was there. During my emo, mood-swingy [...]

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