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Niqqi’s Cheese Prata

Insomniac by NUS Students’ Arts & Social Sciences Club recently ran a review on the all too familiar (to NUS population) Niqqi’s Cheese Prata Shop. It’s apparently hailed as the ‘Food of the Gods’ and a must-try for all on campus. It is pretty decent prata but it’s not food of the gods that’s for [...]

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Sunshine Empire

FOUR people were hauled to court on Tuesday on charges of being involved in a fraudulent investment scheme in connection with the controversial multi-level marketing firm Sunshine Empire.Phang Wah, 49, better known as James Phang, his wife, Neo Kuon Huay, 46, Jackie Hoo Choon Cheat, 29, and Yong Wai Hong, 27, face between six and [...]

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Shiteous *%K*$^#!!!

This is another rant post. I realised that of late, my posts have been rantings or at least, angsty in nature. Just so anyone is curious, it’s not that I’m going through a rough patch or anything, in fact life’s been pretty good. It’s just that I haven’t had much inspiration to blog about other stuff apart [...]

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