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1) Social Withdrawal: Self quarantine at home (in order to avoid external pressure and more stress by the chao muggers at central library.) which in turn leads to feelings of isolation and yearning for human contact. 2) Feelings of ‘high-ness’ at odd hours: Possibly due to accumulated stress in addition to caffeine overdose. 3) Avoidance: Taking short naps in attempt [...]

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Random rantings

Now…  If you’re looking for a friend who comforts by being  touchy, huggy and all, you’ll probably be disappointed with me. I have my own ‘love language’ that only my closer friends are aware of and can appreciate.  If you expect me to be the kind of girl who’s like oh-so-xIa0MeiimEiiZz -muack-muackz and play into your silly little mind games…Well, I [...]

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