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This is what has been swirling around in my mind for the past 2 nights, albeit keeping me awake with hunger pangs.     (courtesy of http://hasno.info/gallery/d/8823-2/IMGP0812.JPG) Yakiniku don! I’m addicted to the one from the Japanese food stall at Arts Canteen. It’s bery nice I tell you. Yoshinoya’s beef bowl pales in comparison. The downside [...]

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Well yeah, I’m back.

Yes yes I know I haven’t touched this thing since August. And no, I haven’t abandoned blogging. It’s just that…Well, I have been pretty busy with school. In my 2 months of abscence from blogging I discovered: a) I’m NOT made to be a nerd. (i.e the ‘I open my eyes must study, after school must study, if I’m not [...]

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