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Dissociative Amnesia

Right now, I somehow wish that I have dissociative amnesia. That would be pretty ideal for now considering the fact that I won’t be able to remember anything about any events that are causing me hell of alot of stress, emotionally (and at the wrong time no less!!) If I had amnesia, I especially wouldn’t be able to [...]

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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8FxQ2ndQ4c]  ’Let’s do that thing, do that thing, like a chicken wing, on a string. Onion rings are my favourite…’ And wait, They even have T-shirts! Doesn’t look too bad. I may even consider getting one of these if I get into the mood of impulsive spending. Onion ring lovers, unite!

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Brain Fart

I realise that when I haven’t blogged for more than 4 days, I tend to have lesser and lesser ideas on what to blog about, till one day, I finally stop blogging which will result in yet another abandoned blog.  I think the fact that I’m taking like 30mins to even think of what to [...]

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